Zoë McIntosh

Zoë McIntosh

Film Director, Sweetshop NZ

In person, Zoe lights up a room like a solar flare. Once described as a glitter ball of energy, laughter and cheekiness, she literally radiates light. No challenge is too great for this dynamo of a woman.

An auteur filmmaker with an uncanny gift for scouting real - and often off-kilter - characters and revealing their raw truth with sensitivity and compassion, Zoe blazes a colourful trail with a deft blend of instincts and craft.

And nowhere is this better displayed than on her stunning new feature documentary, Stylebender. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2023, where Zoe was promptly nominated for Best New Director.

Collaborators unanimously praise her uncanny ability to spot characters that mirror the diverse human experiences we all share. Zoe's magic lies in her talent for showcasing the emotional intricacies of her subjects, digging deep to unearth the hidden beauty within. Through her lens, she offers fresh perspectives that allow us to see others with new eyes.

Ever ready to leap beyond her comfort zone at a moment's notice, Zoe is an inquisitive soul on a quest for connection. She has an extraordinary knack for finding those connections where others might miss them. So, whether she's capturing stories on film or exploring uncharted territories, Zoe is a force to be reckoned with, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes.

2:56 pm - 3:26 pm

Behind The Lens; Risk and Resilience

Join filmmaker and director of Netflix's smash documentary ONEFOUR: Against All Odds Gabriel Gasparinatos (Revolver), and Kiwi film director Zoë McIntosh (Sweetshop NZ), the director behind feature-length documentary, Stylebender, as they unpick some of the traits and skills needed to succeed in the cut-throat world of filmmaking