Zoë Phillips

Zoë Phillips

Head of Brand @ Montu & Alternaleaf. Global Brand Leader. Rebel, Nike, Intel, MSFT, Playstation

As an executive leader, I’ve spent my 20+ year career navigating the always changing world of marketing. I've journeyed across three continents over the past two decades, crafting strategies for both global giants (including Nike, Adidas, Microsoft and Walmart) and start-ups alike. And while I wear many professional hats, at the core, I'm a storyteller, dedicated to building brand narratives that resonate.

My eclectic upbringing - with a British pop artist and German fashion designer as parents – alongside trans-continental work experience, has gifted me a rich tapestry of cultural insights. This, coupled with my unyielding curiosity and affinity for emerging technologies and data-driven communications, has honed my ability to understand consumer nuances and trends.

But beyond the strategy and numbers, what truly drives me is the magic of creativity. I've championed comprehensive digital campaigns, diving deep into virtual experiences, cohesive branding, and the dynamic world of social media. Whether amplifying established brands or sculpting identities for emerging names, I leverage data and innovation to ensure the message not only reaches but also resonates.

At rebel, Australia's leading sports retailer, I proudly steered the ship towards reimagining the brand, transforming it from generic to award-winning experiences. But this wasn’t just about rebranding; it was about intertwining sport with people's wellbeing, making it an integral aspect of their lives.

In earlier chapters of my journey, I've been at the helm of transformative teams with top-tier agencies, guiding them through the evolving digital terrain. From designing UIs to launching innovative channels, my entrepreneurial spirit is always in top gear. I'm in it for the connection, culture, and crafting experiences that forge enduring bonds with brands.

A recipient of accolades, fluent in three languages, and with a track record of boosting brand metrics, I've been privileged to lead phenomenal teams, always fostering an inclusive, dynamic environment. Beyond the boardroom, I'm passionate about purpose-driven endeavours, particularly in animal welfare, sustainability, and the arts.

In essence, I am a brand builder, creative strategist, and an authentic storyteller, always eager to pen the next chapter.

11:45 am - 12:15 pm

A New Era of Brand Building - WTF Does This Mean?

Flying in from South Korea, the Head of Global Brand Group and EVP of food giant CJ CheilJedang, joins Pernod Ricard's Global Marketing Director and the Heads of Brand at a medical cannabis company and Australia’s fastest growing technology, Montu, to share candid and fascinating insights around the brand building. With experienced adlander Lou Barrett moderating, this session is not to be missed.