Tracy Hardwick

Tracy Hardwick

Marketing Director, PepsiCo ANZ, Snack Brands

Tracy is currently the Marketing Director for Snack brands at PEPSICO Australia & New Zealand with brands such as Red Rock Deli, Doritos and Twisties in her portfolio. She has over 15 years of Marketing experience across Australia and the UK, all in the CPG space for companies such as Nestle and Colgate-Palmolive. She is passionate about the two ends of the marketing spectrum to deliver results – driving creativity through distinction & consistency as well as hyper focused on the other end with measurement linked to driving commercial outcomes. When not being “The Queen of Chips”* she loves taking her kids to the beach or bike riding with them (before kids she loved travelling, photography and cooking!).
*quote from my sons school after a visit on “what your parents do” day.

1:50 pm - 2:20 pm

THE WORK: Eat my Dust: Doritos Unpacked

PepsiCo ANZ's Marketing Director, Snack Brands and VaynerMedia’s Head of Creative & Consulting unpack The Work. More detail soon.