Steph Claire Smith

Steph Claire Smith

CCO & co-founder, Kic

Steph is the Chief Community Officer and co-founder of Kic. It was her personal experience with toxic wellness, fuelled by social media and the modelling industry, that sparked a fire in her belly to make a difference, rewrite the diet ‘rule book’ we were once told and help others build a healthy and more sustainable relationship with food & exercise.

Steph has owned multiple successful businesses, is an international model to some of the world’s biggest brands, a proud mum to her son, Harvey, host of the KICBUMP podcast, co-host of the KICPOD, author and has a national grocery company stocked in supermarkets Australia-wide.

2:26 pm - 2:58 pm

Podcasting Power: Forging Deeper Connection Between Brands and Audiences

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