Steph Claire Smith

Steph Claire Smith

CCO and Co-Founder, Kic

Steph is the Chief Community Officer and Co-Founder of Kic. It was her personal experience with toxic wellness, fuelled by social media and the modelling industry, that sparked a fire in her belly to make a difference, rewrite the diet ‘rule book’ we were once told and help others build a healthy and more sustainable relationship with food & exercise.

Steph has owned multiple successful businesses, is an international model to some of the world’s biggest brands, a proud mum to her son, Harvey, host of the KICBUMP podcast, co-host of the KICPOD, author and has a national grocery company stocked in supermarkets Australia-wide.

2:20 pm - 2:50 pm

How We KIC Started Fandom

Join founders Steph and Laura of health and wellness app Kic and LiSTNR podcast KICPOD to hear how they went from 0 to their first 50,000 fans. They'll share the stories of success and failure along the way, detailing how a core part of their strategy has been evolving their social content into longer form content creation, through their KICPOD podcast. Moderated by industry stalwart Grant Tothill, the session will explore how the rise of the creator economy has evolved the focus of marketers to deepen customer engagement through fandom and compelling content, and why audio content is becoming far stickier for fans and consumer brands alike.
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The two KIC founders and podcast hosts Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw are set to bring the house down in this keynote.