Paul Nunnari

Paul Nunnari

Paralympian and Ambassador, Inclusively Made

Paul Nunnari is a Paralympic medallist, performer and disability advocate. He has worked across numerous accessibility and inclusion projects with clients that include Amazon, Disney, Starbucks, Medibank, Westpac, and Woolworths to name a few. Paul is an Inclusively Made Ambassador and is deeply passionate about pushing the boundaries of people with disability, promoting the social model of disability, and ensuring that equity, opportunity and dignity are a key part to everyday experiences across screen and film.

11:20 am - 11:50 am

Breaking Barriers: The Power of Inclusive Storytelling in Australian Media

Join four inspiring individuals as they explain why it’s imperative that the stories we tell reflect every facet of our nation's diversity. This panel explores how brands and screen productions can become catalysts for change and will discuss what making tangible, meaningful changes to the way content engages people with disabilities truly looks like.