Nate Vella

Nate Vella

Senior Digital Strategist, Bench Media

With five years of media experience under his belt, Nate has found himself as a driving force of innovation and integrated strategy within the industry. Most recently, his role as Senior Digital Strategist at Bench Media has seen him partnering with notable brands such as Cook Islands Tourism, Jaycar Electronics, Britax, and Nestlé. However, his favourite collaboration to work on was the very cheeky nothing but nude fruit campaign from nudie, which saw scantily-clad fruits plastered across the nation.


While Nate loves formulating award-worthy brand strategies, in his eyes, nothing tops a green recovery day on WHOOP (IYKYK).

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

"Young Guns Versus Old Guard: Who Adds More Value to Our Industry?

What is more important to the advertising industry? Seasoned experience or fresh thinking? Debate Club, supported by IAB Australia, will feature some of the industry’s future leaders and legends to debate this question. However, not all will be as it seems as young debaters champion the cause of the Old Guard, while seasoned industry experts advocate for the Young Guns."