Matt Batten

Matt Batten

Executive Creative Director, Five by Five Global

An experienced creative leader with a difference: While I have sourced, managed and inspired creative teams to develop effective and award-winning work (as you'd expect for an ECD), I also understand the business of creativity to improve margins through profitable utilisation and smarter workflows.

My creative successes include showing 69 million people how to detect cancer with a mobile phone, hacking a Fitbit to work on a dog, inventing a bio-organic fertilising printers’ ink, conceiving a digital experience that turns you invisible, and being part of the original Share a Coke campaign that continued in over 70 markets around the world.

My business successes include transformational change of Wunderman UK to increase revenue +95% and ranked 7th best agency in London; rebuilding Wunderman AU to become the most financially successful operation in the group; and getting Edge ranked in Australia's top 10 indie agencies through streamlined practices, exceptional growth and broadening capabilities.

I have been in Creative Magazine's 'Power 20', nominated for Marketer of the Year, awarded for my volunteer service to the industry, named Creative of the Year in the APAC region, spoken at industry festivals around the world, and won over 120 awards internationally, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, OneShow, Effies, Clio, NY Festivals, Spikes and more.

2:56 pm - 3:26 pm

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