Louise Wilson

Louise Wilson

Co-Founder, The Village; and Head of New and Emerging Business, LinkedIn

Louise is a highly accomplished media sales leader with a proven track record of driving significant revenue growth strategies, cultivating high-performing teams, and coaching sales professionals across diverse regional markets. She has held senior sales leadership roles at prominent global tech companies, including Twitter, Yahoo, and Amobee.


Motivated by her personal journey in parenthood and a deep commitment to DE&I, Louise has emerged as a passionate advocate for women, parents, and caregivers in today's workforce. As the Global Co-Chair of Families @ LinkedIn, she has played a pivotal role in championing initiatives and benefits that promote work-life balance and inclusivity.


In 2023, Louise partnered with Lauren Thornborough to co-found The Village, a community dedicated to supporting, connecting, and advocating for working parents in the Australian media industry.

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Balance is Bullshit: Working Parents Need a Village

With 80% of working parents having considered leaving the media industry, this essential and thought-provoking panel will examine why the statistic matters and what can and should be done about it.