Lola Bakare

Lola Bakare

CMO Advisor & Inclusive Marketing Strategist

Lola Bakare is an Anthem Award-Winning Inclusive Marketing Strategist, creator of the #responsiblemarketing movement, advisory board member at Sparks & Honey, and founder of be/co, a boutique consultancy that empowers brands and marketing leaders with strategic guidance, coaching, training, and workshops that unleash new levels of success. With a wealth of experience on the frontlines of marketing leadership at The Daily Dot, PepsiCo, New World Pasta, Diageo, and Dell (for world-class brands including Gatorade, Ronzoni, and Smirnoff), Lola’s uniquely empathetic approach comes from her deeply nuanced understanding of the unique challenges marketing leaders face across industries. She was recently named one of 15 2022 LinkedIn Top Voices in Marketing & Advertising and a Forbes CMO Network contributor. Her writing and commentary can be found in major publications, including Adweek, Harvard Business Review, Marketing Brew, & Business Insider, where she is recognized as one of 13 Top Consultants and Experts helping advertisers with diversity. Her first book “Responsible Marketing: How To Create An Authentic & Inclusive Marketing Strategy", is in the works with Kogan Page for an expected 2024 release.

1:05 pm - 1:35 pm

Global Keynote: The Responsible Marketing Opportunity: How To Let Go of the Fear and Tap Into the Magic

Wielding the power of brand is nothing new, but doing it wisely and responsibly is far more complex. From the role of inclusivity, corporate responsibility and cultural awareness, to determining how to integrate social movements and sustainability into campaigns - responsible marketing should be among every CMO’s top priorities. Join Lola Bakare as she demystifies, peels back the layers and hits home the importance, necessity and priorities around truly responsible marketing. Following her keynote equity expert Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano will dig deeper with Lola in a fireside chat.