Lauren Thornborough

Lauren Thornborough

Co-Founder, The Village; and Client Partner, UM

Lauren has 20 years experience in the media industry with roles spanning both the UK and Australian markets. In this time, she has worked with clients across a breadth of industries including Finance/insurance, Luxury, Premium lifestyle, Alcohol and FMCG. Lauren thrives on challenging her clients, asking probing questions to get to the right solution which will deliver against business problems.

Lauren has a passion for changing the industry for the better. From 2014- 2016 Lauren was the chairperson of the GroupM Nco committee, implementing 5 key initiatives with the goal of a 50/50 gender split within leadership positions. In 2021 she ideated and pioneered the creation of the UM Working Parents committee. This committee is designed to elevate the support for working parents both in the return to work post the birth of their children and in creating an environment for working parents to connect, support and inspire each other.

In 2023, Lauren partnered with Louise Wilson to co-found The Village, a community dedicated to supporting, connecting, and advocating for working parents in the Australian media industry.

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Balance is Bullshit: Working Parents Need a Village

With 80% of working parents having considered leaving the media industry, this essential and thought-provoking panel will examine why the statistic matters and what can and should be done about it.