Kirsten Hasler

Kirsten Hasler

Head of Marketing, AU&NZ IKEA

With over a decade experience as an IKEA marketer in Australia and Europe, Kirsten Hasler is the brand’s Head of Marketing in Australia and NZ, and one of its most passionate brand ambassadors.


Having spent most of her career in digital marketing roles across web, social media and CRM, she has led several transformation projects including the development of IKEA’s global social media framework and the implementation of advanced CRM for IKEA Family’s loyalty club in Australia.


Kirsten is focused on driving ambitious commercial and brand growth for IKEA and believes that leading both business and people development together drives the best results.


She lives and breathes the IKEA Brand, living in Sydney with her husband and two young children, in a home filled with wonderful IKEA products

10:35 am - 11:05 am

Eff-off! The Efficiency Panel

Two top CMOs will join Boomtown's Chairman and The Ideas Business' founder to talk about the importance of efficiency. We'll cut through the bullsh*t and hear first-hand from some of the nation's leading brands about how they actively pursue efficiency through finding oft-ignored additional audiences. Presented by media collective Boomtown, you'll hear real stories from brands about their results from treating consumers outside the five metro's with more respect — with absolutely no spin.