Kelly King

Kelly King

Director Public Relations Montu

An experienced communications and public relations strategist for more than 12 years, Kelly has a special lens for information analysis and synthesis.


Kelly specialises in complex, ambiguous environments and through this, has honed skills that span crisis management, risk management and reputation management. She especially thrives in environments where she can apply an interpretive risk lens, and enjoys working in high-visibility situations where time criticality and decisiveness are paramount.


With a passion for applying strategic thinking to everyday situations, Kelly has transformed the way organisations talk about themselves. Her experience spans numerous industries with a focus on all things tech, across medical and healthcare, private equity, fintech, and the public sector across both Australia and New Zealand. 

At Montu, Kelly is aiming to kickstart more conversations about stigma and discrimination, and how the organisation is using tech to improve both awareness and accessibility for patients. Alongside her team, she is working closely with media, lawmakers, and influential stakeholders to ensure medicinal cannabis is treated like any other prescription medication.

2:50 pm - 3:20 pm

Alternaleaf X Dolphins NRL: Behind The Scenes Of 2024’s Most Talked About Sponsorship

Join this fascinating panel as they discuss the complexities of advertising in a tightly regulated market, through the lens of its recent partnership with the Dolphins NRL team. Prepare for a candid look at the challenges and decisions that shaped one of the year's most talked about sponsorships. Gain insight and join the discussion into the real dynamics behind what you've seen in the media.