Katherine-Therese Williams

Katherine-Therese Williams

Standup Comedian and Former Media Agency Exec

Katherine Williams is a marketer-turned-comedian. Or is it the other way around? Lauded by her co-workers as “raucously funny” she has become a favourite with fans and clients alike. She was born in Sydney, studied in Paris, lived in London and the last few years resided in the coolest place on the planet, Brooklyn. She now lives in Sydney.


A creative spirit with an analytical side. Her award-winning digital marketing career kicked off in London working at a global start-up. It continued to grow in Sydney, driving digital marketing results for some outstanding agencies, and then off to NYC where she won some industry awards, saw Neil Patrick Harris on Broadway and started her comedy career.


She quickly climbed the ranks of the international comedy scene, making her mark in New York City (Dangerfield’s, NYCC, West Village Comedy Club, Eastville Comedy Club). Now back home, she made her Sydney comedy debut with a solo show in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022, sharing the stage with Becky Lucas and Lizzy Hoo.


Her well-rounded experience gives a 360° point of view that keeps all the dots connected. One of her biggest accomplishments is being shortlisted for the B&T Women in Media ’23 award. Oh, and making a New Yorker laugh.

3:00 pm - 3:28 pm

Five Lessons Being A New York Stand-up Comedian Taught Me About Winning Pitches

Pitches can be the worst – extra-long days, last-minute changing of ideas, forced chemistry with the client… But could we be thinking about the process all wrong? Comedian and search specialist Katherine Williams uses standup comedy formats to illustrate the importance of combining communication with humour. She’s a brilliant trickster, and after poking holes in our fixed ideas and bringing simple tactics to light, she’ll throw in some joke writing tips to create an attention-grabbing pitch that wins. Concluding that pitching to clients is just like performing a tight-five on the 10pm time slot at the New York Comedy Club - heckling included - this witty session on a whistle-stop tour of her adventures as a stand-up comic is not to be missed!