Fernando Machado

Fernando Machado

Global Marketing Advisor, Ex-Burger King, NotCo & Activision Blizzard Global CMO, & Operating Partner Garnett Station Partners

Fernando Machado is a visionary global marketer with a passion for cultivating brands and driving business growth. He firmly believes in that creativity can be a source of competitive advantage. Over the years, he has garnered adistinguished reputation for himself and the brands he's helmed, focusing on distinct propositions, innovation, design, and strategic marketing approach.


Fernando currently serves as the Global Chief Marketing Officer for NotCo, a unicorn startup valued at $1.5 billion. NotCo is an industry-changing, fast-growth food tech leader and the only global company disrupting massive food and beverage segments including dairy, eggs, and meat simultaneously. NotCo utilizes a proprietary artificial intelligence
technology, which matches animal proteins to their ideal replacements among thousands of plant-based ingredients.


Before joining NotCo, Fernando spent two years as the Chief Marketing Officer at Activision Blizzard. He spearheaded marketing initiatives for iconic titles in the gaming industry, including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and Candy Crush, among others.


Prior to his tenure at Activision, Fernando dedicated 7 years to Restaurant Brands International, where he played a pivotal role in enhancing brands such as Burger King, Popeyes, and Tim Hortons. His efforts focused on infusing purpose, sustainability, improved product quality, modernized design, and championing tech, digital, and brand development across the organization.


Fernando's expertise is rooted in his distinguished 18-year tenure at Unilever. His journey began as an intern, and he
climbed the ranks across diverse product categories and brands. Notably, he led groundbreaking initiatives, including
Dove's revolutionary 'Real Beauty Sketches'.

10:30 am - 11:00 am

Global CMO Keynote: The Temptations of the Modern Marketer

It's never been tougher for marketers to develop great creative work that drives the brand and the business. However, the constant and evolving factors pushing and shoving marketers in all sorts of directions make it harder to resist temptations. But how do you juggle the lure of the new with the good old fundamentals? In this entertaining presentation, marketing legend Fernando Machado will share how marketing folks can avoid confusion and stay focused on the core things that may not seem that sexy, but can create a real difference.