Dr Karen Nelson-Field

Dr Karen Nelson-Field

Founder & CEO, Amplified Intelligence

Dr Karen Nelson-Field is a globally acclaimed researcher in media science, with over 17 years spent researching and redefining how people deliver successful marketing and media outcomes through the guise of human attention.


Regularly called upon to speak at major industry events across the globe including AdWeek, Cannes and SXSW, Karen’s work has also been recognised and noted in leading publications such as The NY Times, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Business. Making her the thought leader and subject matter expert in all things attention metrics which saw her named as a 2022 Honoree in the Ad Monsters + Ad Exchanger Top Women in Media & Ad Tech, as a Game Changer.


In addition to regular speaking on the global stage, Karen is also a well renowned author with two published titles under her belt. Her first book, Viral Marketing: the science of sharing, set the record straight on hunting for ‘viral success’. While her second book, The Attention Economy and How Media Works, explains the stark reality of human attention to advertising.


Dr Karen Nelson-Field speaks regularly at a host of industry events and seminars, and is also available to attend in-house sessions or conferences. You can request book a speaker session below

1:50 pm - 2:20 pm

You're Paying Attention to the Wrong Kind of Attention

Introducing the power of Passive Attention.
Attention spans are shrinking and everyone’s trying to break through in a rapidly changing landscape. In an effort to win, many try to outshout the competition. But if you’re only looking to be the loudest voice, you’re leaving a world of unlocked value on the table. In this session we’ll hear the latest research that shows a more holistic approach is the key to gaining real, quality attention - and achieving better business outcomes.
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