David Hovenden

David Hovenden

CEO & Co-Founder The Misfits Media Company

Once upon a time we called ourselves a publisher.


A lot has happened since then. The Misfits might own two of the most respected and awarded business to business media brands in Australia, but we do far more than writing stories on the back of adverts nowadays.


Founded by David Hovenden and Dan Uglow, the Misfits are embracers of change. We aim to make sense of media disruption and guide our friends to find truly effective outcomes from their marketing budgets.


The Misfits have become a full service agency. We build websites, create games, work with brands on content, design ads, conceive digital campaigns, help with strategy, develop organisational culture, organise events for thousands of people… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


We’re a publisher and an advertising agency. We’re a Misfit.

1:05 pm - 1:35 pm

Global Keynote: The Responsible Marketing Opportunity: How To Let Go of the Fear and Tap Into the Magic

Wielding the power of brand is nothing new, but doing it wisely and responsibly is far more complex. From the role of inclusivity, corporate responsibility and cultural awareness, to determining how to integrate social movements and sustainability into campaigns - responsible marketing should be among every CMO’s top priorities. Join Lola Bakare as she demystifies, peels back the layers and hits home the importance, necessity and priorities around truly responsible marketing.
Following her keynote The Misfits Media CEO and Co-Founder David Hovenden will dig deeper with Lola in a fireside chat.