Chloe Hooper

Chloe Hooper

Founder of Bare Feat

Bare Feat was founded by Chloe Hooper to help businesses drive their employee experience, leadership and brand experience. Chloe is a change catalyst that makes other people better at their own jobs. She is on a mission to revolutionise the way change is received by making it an experience people are excited about, rather than something to be feared.


Following an eye-opening series of events that began when Chloe’s mother became sick. Chloe began to understand the depths of mental health, her mission quickly escalated and she started to train and educate people on how to proactively look after their mental health and well-being within the Media & Marketing industry for free.


This was the start of a journey exploring what happens when work comes back to purpose.
• One question continued to ‘what does this all ladder back to? Whats your why? Whats your bigger purpose that people can believe in?
• This is where Chloe developed a strong belief in distinctive business purpose
• Defining my business ‘why’ has been the most important thing I have concentrated on delivering.


This is how Bare Feat was born.


Chloe's career, including 10 years at Omnicom Media Group, began in the UK, before moving to Australia to head up new business and marketing for PHD APAC. She is often referred to by clients as the ‘CEO whisperer’ and known for her high energy, passion for driving change and accountability.


Chloe's experience brings an extensive background in Marketing and New Business, L&D, consultation, professional development and more. Coming full circle across the media and marketing industry has empowered her ability to speak with experience, passion and insight.


Chloe is distinguished for her strategic consultations, collaborating with corporate, CEOs and Leadership across many regions, and supporting growth targets, initiatives and goals. Her favourite days at work are kicking off her shoes and running workshops that facilitate change.


Bare Feat is driven by the aim to leave things in a better way than we found them. It is a value Chloe had instilled in her from day 1 in her career in Australia. This means running one off workshops doesn’t work. To have impact you need to create an ongoing partnership depending on the size of the challenge and change you want to make.


Since Bare Feat’s beginnings, Chloe has pioneered a business on a mission to work with leaders to unleash the power of purpose. Bare Feat is passionate about exciting organisations, HR Leaders, New Business and Marketing Executives to invest in delivering purpose across the employee experience and brand experience alike.


Change will always meet resistance unless you empower people to practise self-leadership, to do so you must ignite your distinctive business purpose. There has never been a more important time to create moments that matter.

10:45 am - 11:15 am


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