Ant Morell

Ant Morell

Co-Founder, Head of Brand, BOUNCEinc

Ant Morell is a Co-Founder of action-entertainment brand BOUNCEinc, and the architect of its brand system. He is an activist for a whole of business approach to branding, and for brand to be the central force, driving business strategy.


BOUNCE is brand loved by kids, respected by parents, schools and community groups, and trusted by many of the world’s leading freestyle athletes.


In 10 years, BOUNCE has grown from a single venue in Melbourne to more than 40 venues across 10 countries. BOUNCE hosts around 5 million visitors every year and has annual revenues of $75 million.
Central to the business’s success is its ‘brand ecosystem’ - a methodology that fuses brand, culture, and customer experience into a powerful and replicable formula. The BOUNCE brand ecosystem harnesses meaning, purpose, and human connection to define and lead the category it pioneered a decade ago.


Ant is an executive director at BOUNCE, co-owner of the Spudbar healthy fast-food network, and consults to brands across diverse industries and categories.

11:45 am - 12:15 pm

From Fad to Fortune

Unlikely business leader Ant Morell has built a $100m global business out of Unleashing Free Spirits. BOUNCEinc is a brand loved by kids, respected by parents, and used as a training ground by some of the words elite freestyle athletes. So how does a potentially dorky warehouse full of trampolines come to be a category-defining leader that dominates a growing global market? It’s a story of adrenaline, passion, and failure-fuelled success. This is an unmissable story of reading and misreading market trends, excessive cocktail bills, expensive mistakes, and the power of the human connection to unite people and build something special.