Ange Collins

Ange Collins

Founding Director, Adllins Media

Ange Collins is the dynamic and energised Founding Director of Cairns-based national agency Adllins Media. A serial entrepreneur with a stable of businesses at her fingertips, she is a big-picture thinker with an incredible zest for ensuring other people in life and business achieve incredible results. Her outgoing nature and natural ability to ‘make things happen’ makes her an asset to clients, mentees, and her philanthropic endeavours alike. Ange is passionate and driven, drawing on her experience and determination to see others succeed. With a passion for empowering individuals and organisations, Ange brings a blend of enthusiasm and strategic insight to her role.

Ange's journey is marked by a dedication to creating meaningful impact, particularly in her work with First Nations groups and organisations. Her commitment to amplifying the voices and stories of Indigenous communities reflects a profound respect for cultural diversity and a keen understanding of the power of media as a tool for positive change. Ange believes that positive conversations lead to better outcomes.

11:10 am - 11:40 am

We Saw, We Came & We're Conquering - Depths Behind The Indie Takeover

Three indie agency hotshots join IMAA head honcho Sam Buchanan for a chat that will go far beyond the buzzwords about the rise of the indies. The quartet will go in-depth to show why and how the nation's best indies are evolving and disrupting the industry.