Andrew Tindall

Andrew Tindall

Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships System1

Andrew has authored key pieces of industry research that explore emotion and creativity’s role in effectiveness across the entire media mix, including his most recent publication: “Listen Up! Emotion’s Defining Role in Audio Advertising Effectiveness’. Previously managing brands at Diageo and Bacardi Martini, Andrew now leads thought leadership and global partnerships at System1. He advises the world’s largest brands and agencies on marketing effectiveness, and frequently writes in the industry’s press.”

9:35 am - 10:05 am

Effectiveness in an Age of Efficiency

Ad effectiveness doyen Andrew Tindall jets in from the UK to discuss never-before-seen new research from System1. It will examine why work gets attention, sparks emotion and harnesses great creativity and provide a holistic view of what effectiveness mean across the entire media mix.