Alicia Placer

Alicia Placer

Sales Director, Excalin

An accomplished commercial leader with global expertise, Alicia brings a wealth of experience from her roles in the ad tech and media industry. Originally from Spain, she has garnered extensive working experience across the Asia-Pacific region, including in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia, with distinguished organizations such as Criteo, Prohaska Consulting, and Blis. She is currently making waves as an independent sales consultant, specializing in programmatic media buying and data commercialization. Furthermore, she represents one of the founding members and supporters of Debate Club, an open forum that facilitates discussions on controversial topics with a strong commitment to fostering meaningful dialogue in the advertising and media industry.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

"Young Guns Versus Old Guard: Who Adds More Value to Our Industry?

What is more important to the advertising industry? Seasoned experience or fresh thinking? Debate Club, supported by IAB Australia, will feature some of the industry’s future leaders and legends to debate this question. However, not all will be as it seems as young debaters champion the cause of the Old Guard, while seasoned industry experts advocate for the Young Guns."